Private Castel

For 19 generations in the family, Marie-Christine Combes will be happy to welcome you for your private parties and high-end dinners. Consult us for privatizations.

Castle and reception at the gates of Toulouse

Your hosts always reside in the family castle in front of the hotel, and will not fail to make you discover the places. In conviviality and a warm atmosphere, Marie-Christine, the 17th generation, will tell you the story of this castle burned during the French Revolution and occupied by the German army during the second war.
Originally, the Garrevaques Castle was built in 1460. Aimed at protecting the village population, it had a large building appearance, with four towers and tiled roof canal, surrounded by pits and a wall of pregnant.

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At the French Revolution the castle was burned. It was rebuilt around 1800, after the Consulate had brought peace. Keeping three out of four towers and following more comfortable living standards: Grisailles DUFOUR, LEROY and ZUBER in living rooms, hot air heating system, slate roof. Thus he found his present appearance!

Count Felix de Gineste could not pass on his title to the last generations for lack of a male heir. His granddaughter, Madame Barande, still lives at the Château.